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First and foremost, we want to be your go-to, near-site partner in everything IT. Keeping IT simple, manageable and affordable has been our mission for the past fifteen years. Somewhat of an oxymoron in the world of technology? Yes, but we absolutely strive to get there each and every day – for you and more importantly, working closely with you.

IntelliTechs offers the convenience of information technology services at your home or office. We come to you, work in the environment where you’re most comfortable so you’ll never have to worry about unplugging or transporting a thing. We’re happy to setup a single computer, an entire network or any related request in between. IntelliTechs is also uncommitted to any one brand or solution, nor do we resell hardware or software. This gives you piece of mind knowing our recommendations are based solely on your needs and nothing else.

Our relationship with you begins where your technical knowledge and knowhow leaves off. We’ll get to know you, your IT environment, how you leverage technology, and where your challenges lie. As partners we will put together a roadmap for today’s needs that will also pave the way for future updates and replacements. With a proactive approach you’ll encounter far fewer unwelcome failures and you’ll be able to budget for the months and years ahead.

No matter where we fit in or how you utilize our services, it’s still all about the relationship. Connecting with you and your staff on a personal level is just as important as properly connecting the nodes on your network and probably more so. Furthermore, your satisfaction is a priority! Unless related to a third-party service, there are no contracts. Earning your trust and business is done one visit at a time. These are the philosophies we hold near and dear to as we continuously work to be the best and last IT partner you will ever need.

A true partner in IT

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